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TheHuz - Clan Rules

Post by Kurse on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:34 pm

We are a close knit, fun, and outgoing clan. We are trying to further ourselves in the wars and share and help each out as much as possible. Please respect each other, and have fun!

General Clan rules.
- Elder is given
- Co Leader is earned through donations, war, and loyalty.
- Donate before requesting troops.
- We war on Tuesday and Thursday.

War Rules
- Miss a war without a reason and you will be kicked. Please opt out if you know you can't make the next war!
- Your first attack must be your level on the map. If you are #7 you must attack #7. (Unless otherwise arranged)
- 2nd attack get Stars!! Wait for everyone to finish their 1st attack then look to maximize stars.
After each war the clan admins will review to ensure everyone is following the rules. If you are not following the rules you will be placed on the do not war list or you will be kicked.

Please note that these rules will be reviewed and changed from time to time based on our strategies. If they are changed will will send out a notification for everyone to read.


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